Women’s Addiction Recovery Mediation (WARM)

WARM provides Personal Support Recovery Programs designed for women experiencing addiction and families affected by addiction.

WARM is currently being offered VIRTUALLY on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1PM – 2:30PM.

WARM values the unique needs of every woman, addressing issues significant in women’s lives in a safe and confidential environment with counselling strategies proven to be effective with women. WARM understands the socioeconomic factors that affect women and have designed programs and services that are accessible and effective. With WARM, women are given the opportunity to access intervention and prevention services while living at home, maintaining job and family responsibilities and creating a schedule that works for them.

“Dear WARM, Thank you so much for the direction, care and love you have given me in my process of healing. When I first came I trusted very few people and I’ve been able to open my heart to trust again and my heart has been restored. I’ve experienced acceptance. That has been key in my healing and now I am much more accepting of myself because of it. I learn something every time I come, if not just the love that I feel. Thanks again WARM for changing my life”.

Clinicians and program administrators are increasingly aware of the important differences between men and women’s biopsychosocial effects of substance use and that these differences have a large impact on treatment responses. It is proven that when women’s specific needs are addressed from the outset, they respond better. Women need a safe and confidential environment to be able to heal, grow and recover amongst other women experiencing similar life struggles involving relationships, motherhood, pregnancy, sexual health, women’s bodies, trauma issues and culture, to name a few. Through a holistic approach, WARM promotes overall wellness, focusing on physical, mental and social well-being with counselling, education and support services. WARM recognizes the need for individualized and personal support that strengthens and empowers women and instills hope on the recovery journey.

Click here for WARM Group Descriptions.

If you would like to learn more about the program, please contact our Skills Development Worker at warm@ywcaniagararegion.ca or by calling or texting 905-246-4483.