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#thankyoumom – The Month of Motherhood Celebrations

Across the globe, May is a time to recognize and show appreciation for our mothers.  It doesn’t matter the circumstance; I believe that every mom deserve to be recognized on Mother’s Day.

I remember when my twin brother and I were young, and my dad would take us to the store and have us pick out something for my mom for Mother’s Day. We always picked out the goofiest gifts (and of course dad was paying!) which made my dad ultimately pick the right thing in the end. It’s a fun memory to look back on as I realize how special each Mother’s Day was for my mom and how much she adored our thoughtfulness! Unfortunately, for many families in Niagara, this is not their reality on Mother’s Day.

Moms in our community

Many moms are experiencing hardship and poverty this Mother’s Day as our community experiences these extraordinary circumstances around COVID-19 together. Over 80% of single-parent families are led by women and over 1/3 of those families live below the poverty line. The YWCA understands how mothers struggle to make ends meet, source affordable childcare, and find the means to pay for even the most basic necessities.

Women’s homelessness is not as easy to spot as you might expect. The traditional notion of people sleeping on the streets doesn’t always apply to women and mothers; although their homeless experience is still an overwhelming challenge. Many women in poverty experience hidden homelessness – sleeping on a friends couch or crashing with family temporarily – with no real place to call home. When these women need help from the Niagara community they go to the YW where they can find support for themselves and their families.

How to celebrate mom with the YWCA

To support the YW’s amazing mothers during this upcoming Mother’s Day, the YWCA has launched a campaign to spread thankfulness to our heroes. By purchasing a Mother’s Day e-card through the link listed below, you can show your mom how much you love her while supporting another in need. A donation in her honours says, “Together we have made a different. Because you’re an amazing mom, a family will find the support it needs.”

Children in shelter may have little or no means to get their mom a gift this Mother’s Day, but that shouldn’t mean that mothers and their children should have to go without. Click here to donate to the #thankyoumom campaign now to help mothers in our own community. Make sure to tag us after your #thankyoumom donations on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We know your mom will love her special gift as much as the YWCA moms will!

Bri VanSickle
Guest Writer for the YWCA Niagara Region

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