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Creative Corner: Homemade slip n’ slide

written by Sam Graves

One of my favourite summer memories was building our own homemade slip and slide. Not only did we have fun using it but we enjoyed making it as well. With summer coming to an end, I am looking for an activity that will be favourite memory for all. This blogger added another twist and created a DIY Water Balloon Slip & Slide – www.hallmarkchannel.com/home-and-family/how-to/tanya-memmes-diy-water-balloon-water-slide . I can’t wait to try this with my niece & nephew on our next summer sleepover.

Creative Corner – Summer Hacks

Summer is in full swing and the sun is HOT! I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the sun, do some swimming, and enjoy the summer whether you are on vacation or not! I know I am looking forward to my camping vacation next weekend. I thought I’d share with you some “Summer Hacks” to make your summer easier! This way you can spend less time doing those annoying things and more time having fun!


Creative Corner: Watermelon Shark

I was having trouble thinking of a Creative Corner for this beautiful Monday in July. I searched through DIY sites for a fun summer project, but nothing was catching my eye. Then I stumbled upon a  “make your own watermelon shark”. Yep, a watermelon carved into a shark. Well, I love watermelon and I’m pretty sure July is the month of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, so I thought, why not share this with you all?

It is summer after all and watermelon is a delicious and easy snack for everyone to enjoy! But maybe just cutting it up into triangular slices isn’t enough anymore. Why not get extra creative and carve your watermelon into a shark for your next family BBQ?

Check out this article for the step-by-step guide on how to make your own Watermelon Shark (http://makezine.com/2015/07/11/make-shark-fruit-bowl-watermelon/)!

PS: If you want an extra treat, run to Bulk Barn and get some little candy fish and throw them in there! Yum yum yum!