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Niagara Leadership Summit for Women

The first ever Niagara Women’s Leadership Summit took place on Saturday, October 18th – Person’s Day, in fact! In case you missed it, our post today is a re-cap through pictures:


Julie Jill

Co-Chairs of the Planning Committee and two leaders in their own right, Julie Rorison and Jill Van Osch. Last year, Julie attended the Hamilton Leadership Summit for Women, and was so inspired that she brought it to St. Catharines.

Thank you Julie, we’re so glad you did!


Early morning registrants were treated to a relaxing start to the day with a yoga session by Rachel Crane of The Soul Workshop.

Here’s a shot of Rachel leading the way:



IMG_7465                 IMG_7464

Registration was a breeze thanks to our wonderful volunteers!


Jackie Labonte of the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre started off the Summit with a traditional opening ceremony.


Our first key note speaker of the day, Kim Katrin Milan spoke about the value of women, and women’s leadership in particular. She left us with a powerful message:

“Share Everything you Learn”



Nicki Inch, Kim Katrin Milan, and Julie Rorison.


Our incredible group of volunteers – a sea of Green!


After a quick break for coffee we re-grouped for a panel discussion led by Carol Stewart-Kirkby. Our thoughtful panelists tackled some tough questions: What is leadership? But more importantly, What is Women’s Leadership?


Thank you to our panelists (from left to right): Betty Ann Baker, Josephina Perez, Wendy Sturgeon, Carol Stewart-Kirby (moderator), Rachel Crane, Christine Hall, Nadine Wallace


You can’t lead without a healthy lunch!


The afternoon was workshop time! Delegates selected two of eight diverse workshops. Here, a group discusses Building Resilience in Women Leaders, led by Sherry Campbell.


Sarah Pennisi and Frances Hallworth spoke about Networking for Social Impact.

Male Dom

Have you worked in a male dominated field? These women have!

From left to right: Elizabeth Zimmerman (moderator), Cheri Burch of the Welland Fire Department, Stephanie Thompson of General Motors Powertrain, Christine Hall of Christine’s Dirtworx and Andrea Bone of Just Junk



Over 200 delegates anxiously await the closing key note speaker, Wendy Southall – to this day, the longest-running Niagara Chief of Police.


No words could do this woman justice. From her eloquence to her powerful story of resilience, she is the epitome of a woman leader. Thank you!

Twitter was set ablaze by the wonderful reactions of our speakers, volunteers, and most importantly, the over 200 delegates who attended the summit. Search the #NiagaraLSW hashtag for more pictures, quotes, and reactions from the day!

We hope to see you next year!

Thank you to Breanne Burke for taking these fantastic photos!

No Fixed Address: Behind the Scenes

Isabella Daley of Hamilton, after her inspiring speech of her experience with poverty.
The Amazing Race kicked off in “St. Catharines” – did contestants Park it or Poop it to get dressed for their job interview?
The Amazing Race moved to Grimsby where rent is the highest in Niagara – fitting that they had to decorate keys for their challenge.
Team Duck Dynasty Gone Redneck always brings the team spirit.
Could the Amazing Race contestants build a shelter out of cardboard in “Welland”?
Everyone loved our extremely talented face painter. *Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
Getting into the Zumba groove!
*Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
Kevin and Linda Bonnar enjoying a moment of relaxation during a busy day. *Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
*Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
Everyone is welcome at No Fixed Address! *Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
Our wonderful Target volunteers. *Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
Staff and No Fixed Address Committee members. *Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
Chefs Robert of Church Street Bistro and Maria from the YWCA St. Catharines.
Congratulations to our top team fundraisers – Mat Siscoe and Chrissy Sedowski!
Vinyl Flux tore up the stage for the third year in a row.
Irene Motz closes the evening with the most moving speech about her experience of homelessness.
Waking up with some morning yoga.
Congratulations to Kevin Bonnar, our top individual fundraiser with an incredible $1839.00 raised.
*Photo courtesy of Eva Derrick Photography
                Thank you to Participants, Volunteers, Committee Members and Staff – what an amazing experience.