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Slowly, Slowly You’ll Go Far

My boyfriend’s Nana used to tell him in Italian “Piano, piano csi va lontino.” Which means little by little you’ll go far.” When looking to make a change in the world, I look to her words for inspiration.
As a young woman hoping to make a change in today’s society, I often find it difficult to make a meaningful impact. Ideally, I someday see myself working for a women’s rights non-profit organization, battling stereotypes, supporting others in their causes, and inspiring the next generation of females to do the same. However, I’m finding the journey to get there harder than anticipated; sometimes I feel as though there are just too few avenues for young women to get involved!
When I get discouraged though, I think “little by little…” and remind myself that even small acts help to make a difference.

My hope and intention in writing this post is to help encourage young people who also get discouraged to find a cause worth fighting for — and despite the many obstacles we will have to face — stand up for what we believe in. I am incredibly inspired by these young girls who started off small but have succeeded in making powerful changes in their respective fields:

Malala Yousafzi of Pakistan fights for girls’ rights to an education though her BBC blog and public appearances. This past October she was shot on her way home from school simply for arguing that girls have a right to be educated. 
Fourteen-year-old Julia Bluhm of the United States famously started a petition on Change.org to combat the photoshopping of models in magazines. Just four days later, with an incredible 84,000 signatures, her petition inspired Seventeen magazine to promise not to change girls’ bodies or faces when retouching images.
I know it won’t be easy, but I am determined to keep looking for a way to continue advocating for women’s rights (my chosen brigade). Whether your passion is the environment, animal rights, the fight against racism, or teen bullying, don’t give up! We must constantly look for a way to further our own causes. Try joining the student council at school, start a blog, fund raise, write to your local MP/MPP, or start volunteering!
If you, your sister, daughter, or friend is looking to get involved check out these interesting sites: