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Friday Find: Mango Body Sorbet by The Body Shop

I came across this delightful product last summer when it first launched and immediately fell in love with it. Consistent with all of their other products, The Body Shop’s mango scent in this sorbet does not disappoint. I highly recommend this body sorbet for the summer time because it is super lightweight! I was really worried that it would be greasy because I had never seen another moisturizer with the same texture. But, I am very happy to say that it absorbs really quickly and doesn’t feel sticky at all, which is never pleasant during a hot or humid summer day. It is enriched with Community Fair Trade organic aloe from Guatemala which makes the sorbet very moisturizing (for up to 24 hours) and lovely for cooling down a sunburn! When I picked up my last bottle in store, the sales associate recommended that I store my body sorbet in the fridge to give it an extra cool boost and WOW. The sorbet itself is already cooling (which is lovely for post-shower moisturizing..in an apartment without air conditioning) but having that extra cooling boost was just heavenly.  I highly recommend stocking up on these lovely treats during their ‘mix and match’ promotions — you definitely can get addicted to these and it’ll get quite pricey if you buy them one at a time!