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Friday Find – Friday, March 13th

St. Patty’s Day Recipes!


Well it’s Friday the 13th… again! So for today’s Friday Find we thought we’d find some luck of the Irish for you all for St. Patty’s Day next week! Have you got any traditions for St. Patrick’s Day? Post them below!

Loving these adorable Rainbow Doughnuts! http://thefirstyearblog.com/rainbow-donuts/


Recipes compiled by The First Year blog. Thanks!

Friday Find – Friday February 13th, 2015

18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug

chocolate peanut butter

Recommended By: Evelyn

Often, I find that things either take too long to make when I’m hungry NOW, or the portions are just too big. I shy away from making large portioned dishes because then I have to worry about finishing up the rest of it before it goes bad. Other than that, I also get bored very easily if I’m eating the same food day in and day out… which is dangerous for my wallet because that makes me want to go out and buy food!

While I was on break during my class, I came across a delicious page on Buzzfeed that had recipes for breakfasts, snacks, dinners, and desserts. The recipes are really easy to follow, quick, and we have most of the ingredients on hand already! Just look at this delicious chocolate peanut butter mug cake!

Check out the full list of deliciousness here!