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From My Hands to…?

bead 1As with about 95% of the population, I am too busy. Too busy to see my friends, too busy to cook enough healthy meals, too busy to know if I managed to remember to put my clothes in the dryer… Just, too busy. Do you ever feel that you have so many things running through your head that you wish, for a moment, you could find some zen and peace and quiet?

I think the only time I really find that place is at the end of the day, when I’ve picked up my beading, and the tiny droplets of glass beads tell me what to make out of them. At that point I am instantly transported to my happy place and can – quite literally – feel the day’s troubles melt away.

LEEDM.D.1960.0119At the risk of sounding too rhetorical, my love and fascination with beadwork – and why I consider it so much more than just a “hobby” – is the sensation that when I sew these tiny glass beads together to form a piece of beaded fabric, I am participating in a tradition that goes back thousands of years. When I first started learning different stitches and techniques, I couldn’t read enough about the evolution of beads and different styles and uses of beadweaving in different cultures. Ancient Egyptian, Grecian, Native American and then modern Art Deco and Art Nouveau: it was all so fascinating!

jewelry2Today I’m so fortunate that I have the opportunity to share what I love to do with others. I sell my jewellery online and at shows. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that someone will pay me real money for something I’ve made, but still think it’s pretty neat! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear someone say “Oh, that bracelet is SOO Aunt so-and-so; she’d just love it!”. I sometimes wish I could see the journey a piece takes: from inside my head, to my hands, and then shipped or traveled or given to it’s eventual owner. I’ve been able to send earrings to Norway, to Australia, and to all corners of the US and Canada. I truly believe that there is something magical about handmade goods. I know it sounds crazy, but I put a lot of heart (and blood, sweat and tears sometimes!) into every piece that I make. Sharing that, along with thousands of years of ancient tradition, is – for me – the neatest thing about handmade goods!  “From My Hands to Yours”

bead 2