Victoria’s Journey

Before she came to the YW’s shelter, Victoria felt vulnerable and powerless. Trapped in an abusive home, Victoria knew she had to make a choice – stay and continue to experience abuse or leave and face an unknown future with no money and no home…  She had nowhere to go. Both choices were impossibly terrifying and left a pit in the bottom of Victoria’s stomach.

One thing she knew for sure what she is wasn’t ready to give up.

That’s when she called the staff at the YW’s Transitional Housing Program. She was immediately connected with one of the YW’s Traditional Housing Workers who listened to her story and started to make arrangements to safely relocate Victoria into a space of her own.

It was such a relief for her to know that people did care and were ready to help her get back on her feet! With the support of her Transitional Support Worker, Victoria got right to work and made a list of goals to achieve. She had a list of goals in mind and was determined to achieve every single one of them. Her primary goal was to go back to

school. In order to do so, Victoria began attending workshops and upgrading her skills through resources offered at the YW. She now had the tools to get out there and take on the world.

With her determination and hard work, Victoria obtained a job at a local hospital and secured affordable housing approximately 9 months into the transitional housing program. Her achievements fostered a stronger sense of self-worth and everyday becomes more and more confident in her abilities. She even applied to the SSW program taking place in 2021.

Victoria is forever grateful to the YW and its donors for allowing her to become the successful woman she was meant to be.