Meet Margaret

Every once in a while our shelter is graced with a woman who leaves her special mark on those who are fortunate to know her. Such was the experience of Case Manager Sami Jo with her client Margaret. Margaret was the victim of an alcoholic and abusive husband who had turned to alcoholism to cope with the pain of her abuse. She had the strength to leave her husband and check herself in to a rehab program, but suffered extreme anxiety for having no safe place to call home.

blue-morpho-butterfly4Enter Sami-Jo, and the YWCA’s on-site shelter program. Relieved to have “home” covered, Margaret’s recovery improved. The year showed Margaret’s fortitude through her journey to independence. She met every challenge with a level chin, and the attitude to “forgive yourself, be patient in your healing, and appreciate the help that is offered. Know that you’re worth a new beginning…” Margaret’s one year stay in the on-site program is nearing an end. She looks forward to her independence, and her life as a new Grandma. Sami-Jo’s hope for Margaret is for her to continue on her journey as she always has, “to live physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, engulfed within the love of her supportive family”. Click HERE to read Margaret’s full story!