Jenny and Kathy: A return to stability

When Jenny and her 21-year-old daughter, Kathy, came into the YWCA Niagara Falls Shelter, they were both feeling completely defeated and with little hope. Jenny had recently lost her job as a PSW due to health concerns and struggling with depression. Meanwhile, Kathy was struggling with suicidal thoughts and self-confidence issues.

When Jenny and Kathy arrived at the YW, they were greeted by a Women’s Advocate (social worker) who supported the pair as they spoke to the advocate about their struggle and their needs. Jenny expressed to the Advocate that, due to the job loss, paying rent became impossible and Jenny and Kathy ended up in a motel. As their funds depleted living in a cramped hotel room together, the pair knew they couldn’t live like this for much longer. They need to seek a change before they once again lost the roof over their heads. And so, together, they gathered the courage to ask for help.

During their stay at the Niagara Falls Women’s Shelter, the advocates began to see both Jenny and Kathy open up to staff and to the other women in the shelter. Kathy began making friendships and staff could see her spirits lifting. After some time in the shelter, Jenny applied for the Off-site Transitional Housing program through the YWCA where they could achieve more independence and be more comfortable. Jenny and Kathy were successful in the interview process and shortly after moved into their very own home.

With ongoing support from the Transitional Housing Worker, Jenny is seeing the doctor regularly and getting the supports in place that she needs to live a healthy and stable life. Jenny is excited to begin to look for work and become the independent person she once was. Meanwhile, Kathy is beginning to create her very first resume and is starting to look forward to her future. With the support of their Transitional Housing Worker and donors like you who make this work possible, Jenny and Kathy are on track to living stable and independent lives.