This success story is a long-winded one. It is the story of a woman named Jasmine.

Jasmine has been in and out of the homeless emergency shelters for quite some time. She struggled with unmanaged mental health issues that continuously inhibited her from reaching her full potential. Jasmine would have her good days, but darkness would eventually take over and stop her in her tracks. She struggled to find housing and often had to leave shelters due to length of stay.

One day, the YWCA received a call that was out of the ordinary, it was from a hospital in Detroit. They had found a woman in distress wandering the streets. She could not remember who she was, nor where she came from.

A mystery woman, with the only piece of information being the YWCA’s phone number crumpled up in her coat pocket.

With coordination from the Niagara Region headquarters, our team was able to get Jasmine back into Niagara, where she was tested for COVID-19 and isolated at the isolation shelter.

Once her test results came back negative, Jasmine rejoined the YWCA. This time around, Jasmine would be much more fortunate and find her way to success. Jasmine was a recipient of a newly piloted funding program called the In-Situ Rent Supplement Program. Jasmine first focused on securing permanent and stabilized housing that would be structured and conducive to her well-being. After securing the right housing, Jasmine was able to focus on managing her mental health. Jasmine has now regulated and tended to her mental health. She has even secured employment working at a local hardware store!

Finally, Jasmine was back on track.

Without the help of the YWCA, the Niagara Region, the CMHA, and the In-Situ Niagara Regional Housing program and of sponsors such as the Niagara Falls Delta and Bingo Gaming, there is no telling what could have happened to Jasmine.

Thank you for all your help!