All Jane ever wanted was to offer her two children the best life she could.

When she decided to return to school for a full time program in social services, the bills quickly started piling up and she fell behind in her rent payments. Her friends tried to support her but she knew that couch surfing was not going to be a long-term-solution for her and her children. It took all she had in her to come to the doors of the YW Emergency Shelter but she knew she wasn’t going to be able to get back on her feet without support.

Jane stayed in the Emergency Shelter for the remainder of her program, which allowed her to finish her studies without the daily worry of potentially losing her home. Once she was ready, she moved into one of our Off Site Transitional Housing units. She finally had a place to call home again but her challenge was now trying to find a job. Her support worker was amazed by Jane’s perseverance and determination in her job search – she tirelessly sent out applications and was not going to stop until she would find employment.

When, after more than a year, Jane was finally offered full time employment, a new chapter of her life began: she was able to take over the lease for her apartment and thanks to her reliable income, she now does not depend on social assistance anymore and is back on her own two feet.