At first, she was surfing couches

One of the things we try to raise awareness of at the YW is what we call “hidden homelessness”. It is estimated that around 80% of homelessness is hidden. What that means is that while a small percentage of homeless folks can be seen in the streets and parks, the vast majority of people who don’t have a home are in fact living out of their cars, living out of motels or surfing couches.

That is exactly what Breanna found herself doing when she was not sure how to secure housing in a Niagara where rents continue to be on the rise. Even with the most generous friends, Breanna eventually ran out of couches and ran out of options. Her mental health challenges made it that much harder for her to get to a place of stability. When she finally found our Off-Site Transitional Housing Program, she was thrilled to find a place where she was welcome and where competent staff knew how to support her with her specific needs, her anxiety and her depression.

Having a home makes all the difference

Our staff are what makes our Off-Site Transitional Housing program so successful. Our support goes beyond providing an affordable unit. Breanna’s Support Worker Jennifer spent a lot of time with her to explore what her needs are and how she can set and reach her goals. With support came hope for Breanna.

As soon as she had her own unit through the Transitional Housing Program, she started making huge strides. All she needed was a place to start from. With Jennifer’s continuous support and with the safety of having a place to call home, Breanna was able to advance in her career and is now in a management position.  Breanna no longer needs assistance from the Ontario Works Program and is on her way to assume the lease.

Jennifer couldn’t be any more excited for Breanna. “She was a pleasure to have in the program and I am so happy to have helped her!”

We want to thank everyone who makes donations to the YW or who helps us by advocating on our behalf or helping us as a volunteer.
When you don’t have a home, nothing else makes sense.
Thanks to YOU, we were able to give Breanna the tools she needed in order to get to a place of success and stability. Thanks for making it happen, thank you for your support.