compassion fatigue

How to stay compassionate without compassion fatigue

If you turn on the news or scroll through your social media and instantly feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone.  Every day, it seems like there are new global issues that require your time, attention, and most importantly, your compassion. Over the past year, there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by without us hearing, speaking, or reading the phrases “COVID-19” and “Coronavirus”.  Beyond, the pandemic, there are tons of social issues that need your voice right now. So how do you remain dedicated to the causes you love without getting compassion fatigue?

Only get your news from reliable sources

Where do you get your news from? An overload of information and (dare we say) misinformation can contribute to your compassion fatigue. The correct information is important to keep us apprised of issues in our area, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. To ensure you’re consuming only correct information and the right amount of information, choose a handful of reliable sources to keep you up-to-date. You can get just the right amount of information about homelessness in Niagara and how you can help by signing up for the YWCA Niagara Region newsletter. We promise to only send you the details you need!

Supporting your cause doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Often, social issues feel too big to tackle for one person and so we quickly feel overwhelmed by the thought of “but, what could I possibly do to make a difference?”. We get it. But, supporting the causes you love does not have been stressful. In fact, it can even be fun. Yes, fun! The YWCA Niagara Region is planning to have a ton of fun while supporting women and families experiencing homelessness during the annual Coldest Night of the Year walk-a-thon on February 20th. Reconnect with your friends and family through this virtual fundraising event while making a huge difference for families in Niagara. This event is meant to be stress-free so helping your community doesn’t have to contribute to your compassion fatigue.

Get outside and feel grounded

We’re isolated in our homes. We’re consuming digital content faster than ever before. The bottom line, we’re overwhelmed. Taking a break and going for a walk outside can be part of a new healthy routine for you to disconnect from the things that overwhelm you. Fresh air is great for clearing our minds and keeping us grounded. If you need another reason to get outside, check out our Coldest Night of the Year walk-a-thon event to tie your outdoor walks to a meaningful cause in Niagara!

Trust us when we say we know what it is like to care so much that it is stressful. Each and every guest to come through our shelter doors holds a very special place in our hearts. But we know it takes compassion to create change and we’re grateful for supporters like you who care so deeply too. Let us know in the comments below how you stay compassionate for the YW while ensuring you don’t feel burnt out!

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