Before her YW journey began, Rhonda was couch surfing among friends and family with her new baby boy. Working towards her high school diploma and taking care of her son, it was impossible to find adequate housing without employment.

“I was devastated to not have a place of my own that my son could call home,” Rhonda said.

Rhonda suffers from anxiety and depression; this was a barrier for her. At a young age Rhonda became depended on the Ontario Works Program for assistance.

However, at the YW, with support came hope for Rhonda. From the moment she found a new home through the Transitional Housing Program at the YWCA Niagara Region, she started making huge strides towards the goals set for her by herself and Transitional Support Worker. With the continuous support of the YW Transitional Support Worker and her new home, Rhonda was able to advance in her school program and the teacher connected with the TSW to let her know what a difference they had seen Rhonda found rhonda goalssecure housing.

Rhonda was accepted as a placement student with the community helping the less fortunate and is managing her goals within the program to obtain her G licence and continue supporting her son as a single mother.

She continues to set goals with her TSW and strives to achieve them.

“Rhonda is a pleasure to have in the program,” said Rhonda’s TSW. “I am so happy to have helped her!”