Transitional Housing

Court-Street1-300x177We provide safe, subsidized transitional housing across the entire Niagara region.

Through their transition, clients work with skilled staff to set goals that will lead to more independence. The YW also provides residents with skills development training, support, goal setting, advocacy, and referrals to other programs and services that might be of benefit.

On-Site Supported Transitional Housing

Court Street Supported Transitional Housing

Off-Site Supported Transitional Housing

(offered through partnerships with the Niagara Region and local landlords)

To apply for the Off-Site Transitional Housing program, download our application here. Please contact the coordinator of the location you’re interested in applying to for more information, as specified on the first page of the application. Note: We are only able to consider applications for individuals and families who are already on the Niagara Regional Housing waitlist.