Women’s Resource Centre


The YWCA Niagara Region is proud to provide structured workshops through our Women’s Resource Centre that are specifically designed to provide a safe, empowering environment for learning. Skills Development programming is an excellent way to increase knowledge, build self-awareness, and enhance the skills that will be transferable as the client moves towards stability and independence. Skills Development programs are created, facilitated, and delivered in unique ways that ensure a realistic, fun, and interactive experience for the womxn we serve.

Participation in Skills Development programming is a requirement of the On-Site Transitional Housing program. Case Managers will assist their clients in identifying their specific programming needs and work with the Skills Development Facilitator to ensure that each client’s goals are being reached. Once the referral form is completed, the Skills Development Facilitator will reach out to the clients and provide program details along with a monthly calendar.

If you would like more information about the YWCA Skills Development Centre, please contact Kendra at (905) 246-4483 or kcooper@ywcaniagararegion

Programs for Adults

Our Skills Development Workshops respond to needs that are being identified on an on-going basis. They are offered to all of our guests and clients as well as to the community.

Sex Trade On My Terms (stomt)

Stomt is a weekly drop-in centre for women who are engaged in survival sex work. The drop-in centre offers care packages for women, as well as clothing and a safe space to have good conversation and to access supports or referrals if needed.

Women’s Addiction Recovery Mediation (WARM)

With WARM, women are given the opportunity to access intervention and prevention services while living at home, maintaining a job and family responsibilities and creating a schedule that works for them.

WARM values the unique needs of every woman, addressing issues significant in women’s lives in a safe and confidential environment with intervention strategies proven to be effective.

Warm is for the community! Be sure to come out and access the resources you need at our weekly meetings.

If you would like to learn more about the program and how to participate, please contact our Skills Development Worker at Melanie at 905-359-1045 or msnow@ywcaniagararegion.ca.

Programs for Youth

655324_49884613-300x200We believe in empowering and supporting kids and youth in our community. We offer workshops in schools all across the Niagara region, which address issues such as bullying, loving yourself and healthy relationships. A lot of our programs are run during lunch and come with a free slice of pizza for those who attend. We offer two programs in schools; STEPS and Teen Talk on behalf of United Way Niagara. Our work with youth is part of our preventative work. It helps reduce the risks of kids harming themselves or making choices that put themselves at risk. We always have fun and empowering initiatives going on for youth.

We are pleased to offer our newest program FACES to the youth currently living in our family shelter. This is an after-school group designed to give the youth in our shelters a safe space for playing, learning, and growing.

If you are curious to learn more about when and where we are offering which workshops, please reach out to our Skills Development Team at 905-359-1045 or msnow@ywcaniagararegion.ca.