An Open Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom,
Where do I even begin? I’ve realized that I see you on a daily basis since I’ve moved home from school but rarely do we ever have long heart-to-heart conversations like we used to when I wasn’t living at home. I’m wondering if, because we are so much more exposed to each other, we’ve lost a bit of depth in our interactions. So let me begin with saying I’m sorry.

As we grow up, we fill our days with plans and constantly seek out our next adventures. More often than not, we leave behind the most unconditional relationships because we can. Because we always know that you will be there for us. Reflecting on my decision to skip dinners with you and dad most days of the week, I realize that this was the time we usually used to unplug ourselves and reconnect with each other, as a family.
But you never made me feel obligated to stay at home for dinners when I wanted to go out and meet up with my friends. You never stood in the way of me wanting to grow and explore my interests. And although you were apprehensive and, to say the least, upset, about me shipping off to university 6 years ago, you let me go and supported me the whole way through. Thank you. Thank you for letting me grow and allowing me to make my own mistakes because you knew I was too stfamilyubborn to listen anyway. Thank you for always being there for me to vent to when something goes wrong and it feels like my world is about to end. Thank you for putting up with my tendencies to overreact. But most of all, thanks mom, for being the perfect role model: somebody who can make mistakes but so elegantly and gracefully accept her faults. And in case I haven’t told you today already, you are beautiful. Cheers to you.
Happy (belated) Mother’s Day.
Forever your baby girl (and I’m more than OK with it),

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