Meet Karen

Karen never imagined she would find herself homeless. She was intelligent, educated, and planning a family with a man she loved. Her life was full of promise. Unfortunately, life has a way of twisting our clear paths into something more akin to a jungle. Her education didn’t ensure a job, her relationship had become unhealthy, and her life as a single mom now lay before her full of challenges.

Having relocated to Ontario with her ex with the hope of building a family, Karen was without resources or support. She struggled. Each day she looked at her daughter hoping to build a life full of love and stability for her, but found herself becoming more and more lost. The day Karen came to the YWCA was the day she admitted she couldn’t do it on her own. It was also the day she found an advocate for her success.

Karen entered the Off Site Transitional Housing Program, one that allows clients to live independently in an apartment building under the YWCA’s lease, while still receiving support from a social worker. After a year under the YW’s lease, the client is then able to obtain the lease themselves and continue living self-sufficiently.

Being an offsite client, Karen was given the time she needed to get her feet back under her. She set goals, learned new skills, and became stronger one day at a time. Her social worker offered resources to empower her and a shoulder to lean on while she found herself -as a parent and a woman.

She flourished.

Karen is now moving on to her future. She is returning to school, building a healthier parenting partnership with her ex and, most importantly, building that life of love and stability for her daughter.