Your Impact

As a supporter of the YWCA Niagara Region, you join us in impacting the lives of women and children experiencing homelessness in our community. Your generous donations of time, money, and resources allow for the YWCA to offer high-quality services and shelter to our clients. Your donation allows for the YWCA to make sure the 6-year-old involved in our programs is being sent to school with a full stomach. The time you have contributed to volunteering for Bingo directly correlates to making sure the families that are involved in our many stages of housing programs have a secure space to deal with their current crisis. We are fortunate that with your help, the YWCA can offer high-quality services to over 100 homeless women and their families in the Niagara Region each year. Your impact runs deeper than you think.

Your Impact Changes the Cycle of Poverty…



For Samantha, her family was getting by month to month until she unexpectedly lost her job. Losing her marriage, becoming evicted, and distancing herself from her children, she turned to drugs to take the stress away from her newly chaotic life. After reaching out to the YWCA, we were able to support Samantha in her journey by offering services to aid in the fight against addiction, we could provide her with a temporary apartment while she was getting herself and her family back onto their feet, and later a more permanent space in our Off-Site Transitional Housing (OTH) Program. It is because of YOUR donations that we were able to help aid Samantha and many other women experiencing similar situations in their journey back to stability and security.