Get Back to Nature!

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of natural beauty products and I am more than thrilled that it’s making a comeback! I have found that natural beauty products generally work a lot better for me, whether it’s a moisturizer, mask, or even curing skin problems like creamblemishes. Before making my own products, I tried multiple products from both speciality shops and drug stores. Here’s an example: I have very dry hands, especially during the winter time. Before tackling the task of making my own body butter, I bought and tried a bunch of different moisturizer which had strengths ranging from for “dry hands” to “dry and cracked hands”. Not to mention… the prices also ranged from five dollars to over thirty! I had decided that after spending thirty dollars on a moisturizer that seemed to do nothing for me, it was time to take matters into my own hands (no pun intended!).

I find that products that are sold in stores tend to have a lot of chemicals in them that we really don’t need. Rather, these chemicals can make us worse off more than anything else! The reason why stores need all of ingredientsthese chemicals is because they increase the shelf life – could you imagine having to sell thousands of products within a few months? It’s nearly impossible without some sort of preservative. But because of this, I found that my skin would get addicted to it the products; as soon as I stopped using it, my skin would get extremely dry and worse even drier than before. I love making my own products at home, when possible, because I know exactly what is going into the product and how much of it. I can research all of the benefits and disadvantage of each ingredient and decide for myself whether or not I want to use it, or substitute it out with something else. It’s also extremely fun experimenting and at the end of the day, I feel so rewarded and proud of myself!

The best part of natural beauty products is that you can find most of the ingredients at the grocery store or farmer’s market. For example, did you know that lemons are absolutelylemons amazing? Check out this website for all the different uses of lemons. Lemon juice is great for helping in controlling shine from excess oil, exfoliating lips, and brightening skin. Just make sure that you don’t leave it on your skin for too long! Long story short, I just find that natural, homemade products are more nourishing for your skin, and more effective. This is because all of the good stuff (nutrients) are still in the ingredients since they have not been refined or infused with a bunch of chemicals (that I can’t even dream of pronouncing).

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