YWCA Niagara Statement for Racial Justice

Black lives matter. The lives of Black women matter.

We recognize that systemic racism exists in Canada, with Black communities experiencing a disproportionate level of poverty, incarceration, and violence.  We stand in solidarity with Black women and families in Canada, US, and countries around the world protesting racism, injustice, and inequality.

For over 90 years YWCA Niagara Region has provided diverse services to women and families across Niagara. The YWCA is committed to fighting for resources to support Black women and families, so that Black individuals are able to thrive in their workplaces, women have fair wages, and all families in Canada have access to food security, safe, affordable housing, education, and adequate childcare options.

Our commitment to inclusivity remains strong as we work to remove barriers to housing, employment, health services, education, and quality childcare for Black women and families in Niagara. In this mission, the YWCA is dedicated to speaking out against racism and racist systems and policies for the betterment of Black, Indigenous, and women of color in all of our identities (e.g., 2SLGBTQIAA) as well as the greater society.

We are all responsible for creating a society that improves the lives of Black women and families.  We will listen and learn from their experiences.  We will speak out against racism and racist systems and policies and continue to lift up the voices of Black women in the community.  We will proactively work with staff, volunteers, donors, community partners, and government stakeholders to advocate for racial justice and equality, and fight to ensure Black women and families are safe and supported. Lastly, we know that racial injustice does not go away within a week, a month, or even a year. Our promise is to continue to do this work so that Black women and families can live and thrive in an equitable society.