Thriving Through COVID-19: Balancing COVID-19 and Working from Home

As more and more Canadians have been switching over to the WFH lifestyle, you might find it hard to switch from being in an office space to your own living space. You may experience a lot more distractions and things that prevent you from being productive in a work setting. Fortunately, there are some tips I have for keeping that WFH life balanced and effective to make sure you don’t lose focus.

Three Tips for WFH

Create a comfortable and professional workspace

I know from personal experience (such as online classes) that trying to work from your bed, or your sofa, may not be the best option for productivity levels. If you do not have a desk space, try setting one up using your dining room table or living room table. It will almost be like you’re working at the office while keeping your posture in check and avoiding any possible distractions.

Continue a healthy and efficient daily routine

Continue to wake up early and get ready like it’s a normal day of physically going into work. I think something that has helped me be productive at home is to not stay in my pajamas all day because then I just want to watch Netflix. Have a schedule, eat healthy and be as productive as possible using your normal routine for work.

Have a calendar… and use it!

Calendar control is so important and something that has increased my overall wellbeing in general. Having a personal planner (or even a wall calendar) can be so helpful in creating WFH goals for yourself.

The Future Impact of WFH Life on Women in our Communities

Since working from home life is becoming the new “norm” in our societies, I think we ought to pay attention to what the near future might look like for women specifically. Is working from home benefiting us, and if so, why?

In the workplace, women have a different voice sometimes than men do. Studies have shown that 62% of women have agreed that WFH life actually has created a more productive space for them. For moms, WFH can help build a better relationship with their kids because they are in constant care of them as opposed to being at daycare.

Another benefit that women have voiced during the pandemic is that the physical bias is removed while working remotely. For example, as mentioned on fastcompany.com, meetings will cause conflict in the workplace if there is someone bigger and taller who made others, like women, feel less inclined to speak up.

During these unprecedented times, the YWCA understands how important it is to help women in the Niagara community with whatever they need. There are so many resources on our website, the YWCA, that will help women to keep on track during times of uncertainty.

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