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Celebrate Pride!

Let’s Celebrate Pride!

Pride: The feeling of being exceptionally happy with ourselves. Everyone, in their uniqueness and individuality, deserves to feel this pride in themselves. A diverse community makes us stronger which is why it is so important to the YW and the Niagara community, to celebrate pride and the LGTBQ+ community at large.

In a step towards inclusion, Canada officially designated the month of June to be Pride Month in honour of the LGBTQ+ community. With that in mind, we shouldn’t just be aware of June being pride month, but also celebrate it whole heartily.

Today, we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to celebrate Pride Month:

Educate yourself on the LGBTQ+ community

If you are still unaware of LGBTQ+ history and why it is so important to celebrate these individuals, an effective way to start is by doing your research and learning. The LGBTQ+ is represented on so many different platforms and forms of media which makes it easier to access information and learn about this community. Using the internet, reading books, watching the news, listening to stories, and watching movies are all ways to gain more knowledge and familiarize yourself with LGBTQ+.

Check out this recent article on the history of Canadian pride and perhaps take some time out to watch these LGBTQ+ films as well!

Celebrate Pride   Celebrate Pride

Attend and participate in events that support LGBTQ+

Another way to celebrate Pride is by attending events where LGBTQ+ is celebrated and discussed. This way you can be around other individuals who are just as interested in the LGBTQ+ community and believe in equality.

Of course, with still having to consider the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring everyone’s safety, attending rallies should be avoided to prevent close contact with others. However, for future reference, rallies and parades would be a great way to celebrate pride as well.

DIY LGBTQ+ clothing and accessories

Decorating and creating art is one of the most popular and fun ways to express yourself, so it would only make sense to apply it to celebrating pride. Pull out a plain t-shirt and tie-dye it with pride colours, snap some LGBTQ+ buttons onto a hat, or even buy stickers and flags for your car to show what you support.

Here is some cool LGBTQ+ inspiration to take into consideration.

Celebrate Pride

Check out this tutorial by this talented youtuber, on how to DIY your own pride t-shirt!

Celebrate Pride

Check out this DIY on how to create your own gay pride tee.

Have open conversations

A collaborative and effective way to understand LGBTQ+ and its significance is by starting the conversation within your vicinity and close circle of friends and family. When conversations are begun with people you know and that care for your interests, it holds significance, and later on, more people go home with extra pieces of information about the concept. Talking about LGBTQ+ alone is something that does not cost much or take much energy to implement, and at the end of the day, it is super effective and a way to celebrate pride as well.

All in all, just how other holidays, events, and functions hold so much significance to us and we’re always subconsciously aware of celebrating them, we shouldn’t forget that pride month means a lot to a large group of individuals who have faced discrimination in the past. We should prioritize commemoration towards the diversity of our community because everyone deserves to feel like they belong.