Y the W Campaign

Sad homeless child siiting on the floor in dark roomThe YWCA Niagara Region will be breaking ground in 2020 on a new family shelter combined with  permanent housing apartments.

Currently, the YW’s family apartments are spread across St. Catharines. This can be
isolating for struggling families, and it requires excessive staff travel. This new building will deliver a proactive, cost-effective solution while allowing staff to provide higher level of support, resources and care. The new facility will encourage social interaction and a support network for families.

We are thrilled to announce Government of Canada Increases Funding for Women and their Families in St. Catharines. Read more here.

The building is in progress! Look at how well it is coming along!

In addition, we would like to present the new Campaign Team. 


John Armstrong, Co-Chair

Cindi Loforti-Lepp, Co-Chair

Laurie Andrews, YWCA President

Margaret Andrewes, YWCA Board Member

Melinda Cheevers

Joyce Morocco

Anne Lennard-Otto


Ann-Louise Branscombe

Trevor Cooper

Betty-Lou Souter

Carolyne Watts

The Campaign staff team includes Elisabeth Zimmermann, Executive Director and Arienne Good, Campaign Manager supported by consultants Carrie Zeffiro and Bill Hallett from the Armstrong Strategy Group.

The quarantine period we have all been dealing with over the past weeks has made us more aware than ever of how much we depend on the safety and security of our homes.  In a perfect world, everyone would enjoy these comforts.  Soon, because of people like you, more people will have a place to call home.  


• Four self-contained family units with 3 bedrooms in each unit
• 20 long-term permanent housing units with four of the units having 2 bedrooms
• A play space to normalize and create a child friendly environment
• Communal green space for residents to garden, relax and spend time with
each other
• Common space for gathering, mingling and building a support network
among residents and staff
• Centralized Administration


For more information, please contact Campaign Manager Arienne Good at 289-271-1329.